Barcoding and phylogeny of Lake Tanganyika cichlid parasites: Monogenea and Copepoda on Tropheini as a case study

Pilot project
Jos Snoeks (RMCA)
JEMU partner: 
Jeroen Van Houdt, Floris C. Breman
Project summary: 
Lake Tanganyika cichlids are widely studied because of their adaptive radiation, and their economic and ecological importance. The RMCA has traditionally been at the forefront of morphology-based systematic research and harbours the most important collections of these fishes. It participated in several collaborative programmes studying molecular aspects of their biology. The parasite fauna, however, has hardly been investigated. We want to focus on two important taxa parasitic on Tropheini in collaboration with specialists at the KUL and RBINS.
Maarten Van Hove (phd student)
Lab work progress: 
In progress
Data analysis: 
Starting date: 
1st January 2009
Project status: 

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