JEMU call for project proposals

The call for JEMU project proposals 2019 is now open. Please find the submission guidelines and a simple proposal form hereunder.

This year, JEMU will support research projects with a total financial contribution of 20,000 € to be allocated to two to four different projects, with a maximum contribution of 10,000 € per project. Applicants can propose to co-finance their proposals, (even if co-financing in itself won't be considered as a selection criterion).

Final proposals should be submitted before 30 January 2019 (but preliminary discussions with the JEMU tream are welcome).

Projects will start from June 2019.

Examples of research projects currently running or supported in the past: click here.

Eligibility: individual researchers or research teams led by individuals working at the RBINS or RMCA can apply for JEMU projects. Collaborative projects involving RBINS, RMCA, as well as other national and international research institutes are encouraged.

Contact information: please contact the JEMU team for further information:
Nele Mullens (nele.mullens 'at' JEMU – RMCA
Gontran Sonet (gontran.sonet 'at' JEMU – RBINS
Carl Vangestel (cvangestel 'at' JEMU – RBINS
Massimiliano Virgilio (massimiliano.virgilio 'at' JEMU – RMCA

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