Research projects

Acronym Category Coordinator Project status Image Starting date
MolChaRE Molecular characterization of recent echinoderms Flagship project Yves Samyn (RBINS) and Didier VandenSpiegel (RMCA) In progress 2017
Reseq_gibbosus Dwarf spider dimorphism investigated using whole genome resequencing Flagship project Frederik Hendrickx (RBINS) In progress 2017
PopGenSprat Population genomics of the Lake Tanganyika sprat (Stolothrissa tanganicae) Pilot project Maarten Van Steenberge (RMCA) & Maarten Vanhove (RBINS) Article in prep. 2017
HalAfrEu Phylogeny of Halictidae bees from Africa and Europe Pilot project Alain Pauly & Jean‐Luc Boevé Article in prep. 2017
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