Research projects

Hitherto JEMU supported 30 research projects that were initiated by research teams from both RMCA and/or RBINS in collaboration with other Belgian and/or foreign partners.

There are two types of projects:
- flagship projects provide funding for new or ongoing studies that substantially contribute to the scientific valorisation of the collections of RMCA and RBINS;
- pilot projects provide support to scientists of RBINS and RMCA in order to carry out pilot research on a specific systematic problem.

Acronym Category Coordinator Project status Image Starting date
Reseq_gibbosus Dwarf spider dimorphism investigated using whole genome resequencing Pilot project Frederik Hendrickx (RBINS) In progress 2017
LT-Stolo Population genomics of the Lake Tanganyika sprat (Stolothrissa tanganicae) Pilot project Maarten Van Steenberge (RMCA) & Maarten Vanhove (RBINS) Completed 2017
HalAfrEu Phylogeny of Halictidae bees from Africa and Europe Pilot project Alain Pauly & Jean‐Luc Boevé Article in prep. 2017
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