Barcoding 2 years of tropical rodent life: ecology, demography and population history of two rodent genera Praomys and Hylomyscus

Pilot project
Erik Verheyen (RBINS), Jan Kennis (University of Antwerp), Herwig Leirs (University of Antwerp)
JEMU partner: 
Zoltán T. Nagy, Gontran Sonet
Starting date: 
Project status: 

Project summary: Habitat change due to human influence is increasing in the tropical forests of the vast Congo basin. Animals have to adapt to these change or either their original distribution range is altered. Rodent species are interesting with this regard because of their small size: they can survive in smaller patches of original habitat and are also in general quicker to adapt to changing situations. The way they adapt however, is not known. We want to study the way rodent populations living in primary rainforest adapt to a changed habitat, fallow land after agriculture. Read more...
Collaborations: Jan Kennis, University of Antwerp, Evolutionary Ecology Group.
Lab work progress: Completed
Data analysis: Completed

Peer-reviewed papers

  • Verheyen, W.,  Hulselmans, J.,  Wendelen, W.,  Leirs, H.,  Corti, M.,  Backeljau, T. & Verheyen, E. 2011. Contribution to the systematics and zoogeography of the East-African Acomys spinosissimus Peters, 1852 species complex and the description of two new species (Rodentia: Muridae). Zootaxa 3059: 1-38
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