Lab facilitiesLaboratory facilities

The Joint Experimental Molecular Unit (JEMU) has access to 5 laboratories:

- two laboratories (pre- and post-PCR) in the RMCA,

- two laboratories (pre- and post-PCR) in the RBINS and

- one archive DNA laboratory in RBINS. It is a laboratory equipped with UV light and a ventilator for positive pressure airflow especially destinated to work with sensitive old museum tissue samples.

State-of-the-art tissue and DNA storage facility in RMCA and RBINS

Thanks to the National Lottery, research units of the RBINS and RMCA are now able to use a state-of-the-art storage facility for their collections of biomaterials such as tissue and DNA extracts. These collections are essential for molecular genetic analyses and valuable in many scientific investigations such as species identification, biodiversity assessments, population genetics, wildlife forensics, study of evolution, etc. Click here for more info.

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