Morphological and molecular phylogenetic analysis in the genus Eudasychyra Möschler, 1887

Pilot project
Ugo Dall’Asta (RMCA)
JEMU partner: 
Zoltán T. Nagy, Floris C. Breman
Project summary: 
The genus Eudasychira Möschler, 1887 (Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea, Lymantriidae) is a genus of moths which was recently revised and counts 37 species all of which are Afrotropical. Their male genitalia are very complex and a unique feature clearly shows that the genus is certainly monophyletic. Recently, very interesting data have been found on their geographic distribution and presented in an European congress. Now a phylogeny on species level is ongoing using characters of the male genitalia. Molecular data could provide additional data to document this phylogeny. The aims of the project have been changed because the Eudasychuira material worked only partly. The project has been merged with another project of Ugo Dell’Asta: the project was extented and given a new title ‘Barcoding and systematics of selected Afrotropical lymantriids’
Lab work progress: 
Completed: different extraction methods have been explored. COI sequences and a nuclear marker have been obtained for approximately 100 individuals.
Data analysis: 
Starting date: 
Project status: 

Peer-reviewed paper
Nagy Z.T., Breman F.C. & Dall’Asta U. 2010. DNA barcoding of museum specimens of Lymantriidae of the preserved in the Royal Museum for Central Africa. – Entomologica Romanica 15: 11-16.

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