Rediscovery, range extension, phylogenetic relationships and updated diagnosis of the Ornate Long-tailed Lizard Latastia ornata Monard, 1940 (Squamata: Lacertidae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2023
Authors:O. S. G. Olivier, Das, S., Camara, L. B., Chirio, L., Doumbia, J., d’Acoz, Cd’Udekem, Dufour, S., Margraf, N., Sonet, G.
Date Published:May-30-2023
ISSN:1175-5334, 1175-5326

The lacertid Latastia ornata was known to date only by its holotype collected in 1938 in Bafatá, central Guinea-Bissau. We report new specimens and localities from Guinea-Conakry, a new country record and major range extension of 700 km SE of the type-locality. We provide an updated diagnosis of the species, including the first genetic and osteological data, and confirm that Latastia ornata is closely related to, but distinct from, L. longicaudata based on external morphology, cranial osteology, DNA data and zoogeography.  

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