Species of antelope new to science

NEWS! (06-10-2010)

P walteri drawingJEMU is part of the international team composed of  MARC COLYN (France), JAN HULSELMANS (Belgium), GONTRAN SONET (Belgium), PASCAL OUDÉ (Benin), JAN DE WINTER (Germany), ARMAND NATTA (Benin), ZOLTÁN TAMÁS NAGY (Belgium) & ERIK VERHEYEN (Belgium) that described an antelope species that was unknown to science. The article was published the 6th of October 2010 in Zootaxa 2637: 1–30 (10 plates; 30 references):  Discovery of a new duiker species (Bovidae: Cephalophinae) from the Dahomey Gap, West Africa

A summary is available    on the website of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Here are some articles in the local press:

de morgen

(De Morgen 06/10/2010)


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(De Redactie 05/10/2010)


(EOS Magazine 07/10/2010)

Also published in Het Nieuwsblad, Skynet.be, 7sur7, etc.


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