Morphological and molecular phylogenetic analysis in the genus Eudasychyra Möschler, 1887

Pilot project
Ugo Dall’Asta (RMCA)
JEMU partner: 
Zoltán T. Nagy, Floris C. Breman
Project summary: 
The genus Eudasychira Möschler, 1887 (Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea, Lymantriidae) is a genus of moths which was recently revised and counts 37 species all of which are Afrotropical. Their male genitalia are very complex and a unique feature clearly shows that the genus is certainly monophyletic. Recently, very interesting data have been found on their geographic distribution and presented in an European congress. Now a phylogeny on species level is ongoing using characters of the male genitalia.
Lab work progress: 
Completed: different extraction methods have been explored. COI sequences and a nuclear marker have been obtained for approximately 100 individuals.
Data analysis: 
Starting date: 
1st January 2008
Project status: 

Peer-reviewed paper
Nagy Z.T., Breman F.C. & Dall’Asta U. 2010. DNA barcoding of museum specimens of Lymantriidae of the preserved in the Royal Museum for Central Africa. – Entomologica Romanica 15: 11-16.

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