Computer programs

The R package adhoc is available on the comprehensive R archive network (CRAN):

Alternatively, a detailed manual, the script of both functions described in Sonet et al. (2013) and an example file (to rename "input.fas" in order to use it as the reference dataset) can be downloaded hereunder.

Citation: Sonet G, Jordaens K, Nagy ZT, Breman FC, De Meyer M, Backeljau T, Virgilio M (2013) Adhoc: an R package to calculate ad hoc distance thresholds for DNA barcoding identification. In: Nagy ZT, Backeljau T, De Meyer M, Jordaens K (Eds) DNA barcoding: a practical tool for fundamental and applied biodiversity research. ZooKeys 365: 329–336. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.365.6034 (open access pdf file).

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