Research projects

Hitherto JEMU supported ca. 40 research projects that were initiated by research teams from both RMCA and/or RBINS in collaboration with other Belgian and/or foreign partners.

There are two types of projects:
- flagship projects provide funding for new or ongoing studies that substantially contribute to the scientific valorisation of the collections of RMCA and RBINS;
- pilot projects provide support to scientists of RBINS and RMCA in order to carry out pilot research in specific fields.

Acronym Category Coordinator Project status Image Starting date
POLBEN Developing molecular tools for pollen metabarcoding in insect pollination ecology Pilot project Kurt Jordaens In progress 2021
DIMAMAS Testing less destructive sampling techniques for DNA identification of manufactured animal material from archaeological sites Pilot project Quentin Goffette In progress 2020
KEARAD (Kivu Edward Albert Region Adaptation/Diversification) Evolutionary history of the cichlid assemblages of the Lake Victoria Region Superflock reconstructed using whole genome seqencing Flagship project Maarten Van Steenberge & Jos Snoeks In progress 2020
MitOx Mitochondrial DNA analysis of ancient musk oxes from a possible relict population of Belgium Pilot project Mietje Germonpre In progress 2020
ManTiS Exploring the diversity and phylogeny of Oriental praying mantises (Mantodea) based on recently collected material and preserved museum specimens Pilot project Wouter Dekoninck In progress 2019
TILAPIA-GenoCongo Genomics of the Nile Tilapia in the Congo Basin Pilot project Tine Huyse (RMCA) In progress 2018
Tyto Harry Potter and the fate of the European barn owl Pilot project Erik Verheyen In progress 2018
TWOSS Tropical wolf spiders systematics Pilot project Arnaud Henrard (RMCA) In progress 2018
DNADD DNA analysis of a Roman skeleton of a Cervidae from Belgium Pilot project Fabienne Pigière (RBINS) Completed 2018
HalAfrEu Phylogeny of Halictidae bees from Africa and Europe Pilot project Alain Pauly & Jean‐Luc Boevé Article in prep. 2017
LT-Stolo Population genomics of the Lake Tanganyika sprat (Stolothrissa tanganicae) Pilot project Maarten Van Steenberge (RMCA) & Maarten Vanhove (RBINS) Completed 2017
Reseq_gibbosus Dwarf spider dimorphism investigated using whole genome resequencing Pilot project Frederik Hendrickx (RBINS) Completed 2017
CRYOLI Cryptic diversity in aquatic oligochaetes from extreme environments Pilot project Patrick Martin (RBINS) Baikalodrilus part Completed, Trichodrilus part paused 2015
PhylDOL Phylogenetic position of the mangrove dolichopodid fly genera Ngirhaphium Evenhuis & Grootaert 2002 and Physopyga Grootaert & Meuffels 1989 Pilot project Patrick Grootaert (RBINS) Stopped 2015
GBS_Bulinus Population genomics of intermediate hosts of the human blood fluke Pilot project Tine Huyse (RMCA) Article in prep 2014
GBS_Big_Mammals Population genetics of lions and the African buffalo Pilot project Nathalie Smitz (RMCA) Completed 2014
TAS_Halictus Testing NGS applications: Targeted amplicon sequencing of bees of the genus Halictus Pilot project Gontran Sonet (RBINS) Completed 2014
Phylo_WaterSnakes Testing NGS applications: Phylogenomics of African water snakes Pilot project Zoltán T. Nagy (RBINS) Stopped 2014
GBS_capitata & RAD_FAR Testing NGS applications: Population genomics of Ceratitis capitata and phylogenomics of a fruitfly species complex Pilot project Massimiliano Virgilio (RMCA) Stopped 2014
SPEBAS Species Boundaries in selected Afrotropical hover fly genera Pilot project Kurt Jordaens (RMCA) Article in prep 2014
DemoTroRo Barcoding 2 years of tropical rodent life: ecology, demography and population history of two rodent genera Praomys and Hylomyscus Pilot project Erik Verheyen (RBINS), Jan Kennis (University of Antwerp), Herwig Leirs (University of Antwerp) Completed 2010
Andant Applicability of DNA barcodes for an effective assessment of the diversity of ant communities in the Ecuadorian Andes Pilot project Maurice Leponce (RBINS) Completed 2010
DBCLTC DNA barcoding of Lake Tanganyika cichlids Pilot project Jos Snoeks (RMCA) Completed 2010
Gybar DNA- barcoding in the Gyratrix hermaphroditus species-complex: a case study on European populations Pilot project Thierry Backeljau (RBINS) Completed 2010
BC42W Barcodes for two winged insects: a support project for barcoding of Diptera of medical, veterinary, agricultural and biodiversity concern Flagship project Marc De Meyer (RMCA) Completed 2010
Paratroph Barcoding and phylogeny of Lake Tanganyika cichlid parasites: Monogenea and Copepoda on Tropheini as a case study Pilot project Jos Snoeks (RMCA) Completed 2009
Barmar Barcoding of Malagasy reptiles Pilot project Zoltán T. Nagy (RBINS) Completed 2009
GALCAR Investigating species boundaries of carabid beetles of Galapagos by DNA barcoding Pilot project Frederik Hendrickx (RBINS) Completed 2009
Mamfage Morphological and molecular phylogenetic analysis in the genus Eudasychyra Möschler, 1887 Pilot project Ugo Dall’Asta (RMCA) Completed 2008
Barpan Exploratory study to obtain DNA barcodes from museum specimens of great apes Pilot project Emmanuel Gilissen (RMCA) Stopped 2008
BarCoVer DNA barcoding of selected Congolese vertebrates Flagship project Erik Verheyen (RBINS) Completed 2008
Bapam (Pardosa) DNA-Barcoding of Pardosa injucunda in the MRAC collections (Araneae) Pilot project Rudy Jocqué (RMCA) Completed 2008
Eces_pseu Evolution and chemo-ecology in sawflies: biosynthesis of defensive terpenoids in Pseudodineura larvae Pilot project Jean-Luc Boevé (RBINS) Completed 2008
Dag Diversity of the Anoplotermes-group: an integrative approach Pilot project Maurice Leponce (RBINS) and Thomas Bourguignon (ULB) Completed 2008
Barcolys Testing two barcoding markers in the Antarctic Lysianassoidea (Amphipoda: Crustacea) Pilot project Patrick Martin & Charlotte Havermans (RBINS) Completed 2008
Lithocolletinae Phylogenetic relationships within the subfamily Lithocolletinae (Lepidoptera, Gracillariidae) in the Afrotropical region Pilot project Jurate De Prins (RMCA) Completed 2008
Barfly Optimization of DNA barcodes for fruit flies Pilot project Massimiliano Virgilio (RMCA/RBINS) Completed 2008
Ostratool Developing molecular tools for ostracods (Crustacea) from museum collections and lake sediments Pilot project Isa Schön & Koen Martens (RBINS) Stopped 2008
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