International collaborations

Supporting researchers with Global Taxonomic Initiative (GTI) scholarships

JEMU hosts and collaborates with researchers from Benin and Marocco on various DNA barcoding projects. These projects are realized under the scientific supervision of Patrick Martin (RBINS) and in the framework of the Global Taxonomic Initiative (GTI), with scholarship grants managed by CeBioS (Capacities for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development) (Apr. 2022).

Phylogenomics of wild bees for a Belgian Research Action Through Interdisciplinary Networks - BRAIN-BE 2.0

Insect Service and Biodiversity in Agroecological Farming (ISeBAF) is a project coordinated by Massimiliano Virgilio (JEMU - RMCA) and funded by Belspo (BRAIN-BE 2.0 – Belgian Research Action Through Interdisciplinary Networks, 2018 - 2023). It aims at providing a reference test-case with a first quantitative description of relationships between agroecological farming, biodiversity of insect pollinators and pests, and cucurbit crop production in sub-Saharan Africa.

This project is articulated with other projects for a more global initiative: The quest for sustainable farming methods: agroecology in Tanzania (Feb. 2022).

International Joint Research activity (SYNTHESYS+)

The role of JEMU in the European project SYNTHESYS+, joint research activity 2 (of work package 7): "Towards cost-effective protocols for DNA sequencing from preserved museum specimens" (Dec. 2021).

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