A molecular diagnostic for identifying central African forest artiodactyls from faecal pellets

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:S. Ntie, Johnston, A. R., Mickala, P., Bowkett, A. E., B. van Vuuren, J., Colyn, M., Telfer, P., Maisels, F., Hymas, O., Rouyer, R. L., Wallace, R. A., LeBlanc, K., van Vliet, N., Sonet, G., Verheyen, E., Pires, D., Wickings, E. J., Lahm, S. A., Anthony, N. M.
Journal:Animal Conservation
Pagination:80 - 93
Date Published:01/2010
Keywords:artiodactyl, barcoding, central Africa, control region, cytochrome b, duiker, RFLP, species diagnostic
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