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JEMU attended the congress ‘Island Biology:  Ecological and evolutionary processes on real and habitat islands‘, Lipari (Italy), 2023, and gave a presentation on their work entitled ‘Progressive spread of an ancient inversion polymorphism blends the role of within-island evolution and inter-island colonization along a parallel Galápagos beetle radiation’.

Poster: An update about the ongoing research in InsectMOoD was provided by Lore Esselens (RMCA) during the 11th International Symposium on Fruit Flies of Economic Importance (ISFFEI, 13-8/11/2022, Sydney). The InsectMOoD open-access database for voucher archiving (including voucher metadata, genomic data and digital imaging) has been initiated and will be soon published in the framework of the projects InsectMOoD (BELSPO) and in synergy with SYNTHESYS+ (https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/823827). Here are the poster and the abstract.
Oral presentation: Sonet G. General physical organization of DNA and tissue collection at RBINS. Biodiversity Biobanks Day of the DISSCO-Flanders DNA collections working group. 22 June 2022.
Poster: Sonet G., Lagnika M., Kayoc R. T., Flot J.-F., & Martin P., 2022, New insights in the groundwater species diversity of the isopod genus Metastenasellus in Benin and Cameroon, Book of abstracts of the International Conference on DNA Barcoding and Biodiversity, 25-27 May 2022, Sofia, Bulgaria, poster EP21: 231 - 232.

A video of the poster presentation is also available

Poster: Virgilio M. (2022) InsectMOoD, Insect Museum Open -omic Database. Sciences Days in the Africa Museum, Tervuren, Belgium.
Poster: Virgilio M. (2022) JEMU, Joint Experimental Molecular Unit. Sciences Days in the Africa Museum, Tervuren, Belgium.
Poster: Vranken N., Van Steenberge M., Svardal H. & Snoeks J. (2022) Unraveling why distantly related species look similar in Haplochromis cichlid fishes. Sciences Days in the Africa Museum, Tervuren, Belgium.
Oral presentation: Geraerts, M., Huyse, T., Vangestel, C., Virgilio, M., Sonet, G., Jorissen, M., Vreven, E., Snoeks, J., Vanhove, M.P.M., Artois, T. (2019) The origin and population structure of introduced Nile tilapia populations in Central Africa. Abstract book of Cychlid Science 2019, Madrid, Spain.
Poster: Hendrickx, F., De Corte, Z., Sonet, G. & Vangestel, C. (2019) Disentangling the genomic basis underlying male reproductive strategies in a dwarf spider. Physalia Course, 2nd edition Assembly and Annotation of Genomes, 11-15 February 2019, Berlin, Germany.
Poster: Jordaens, K., Mullens, N., Sonet, G., Virgilio, M., Vangestel, C., Goergen, G. & De Meyer, M. (2018) A mitogenomic approach to resolve the phylogeny of Afrotropical hoverflies (Syrphidae) Abstract Volmue of the 9th International Congress of Dipterology (ICD9), 25-30 November 2018, Windhoek, Namibia, p127.
Demo in the wet lab: Video on the extaction of ancient DNA from teeth (available on YouTube)
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