Evolution and chemo-ecology in sawflies: biosynthesis of defensive terpenoids in Pseudodineura larvae

Pilot project
Jean-Luc Boevé (RBINS)
JEMU partner: 
Zoltán T. Nagy, Gontran Sonet
Starting date: 
Project status: 

Project summary: Larvae of the sawfly Pseudodineura (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae, Nematinae) emit volatiles from defensive glands. The major compound of the glandular secretion is a terpenoid, citral, as shown by chemical analyses of seven Pseudodineura species. The terpenoid dolichodial is known from other Nematinae species.
Collaborations: Symoens F., Scientific Institute of Public Health, Mycology section, Belgium; C. Häberlein & S. Schulz, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Germany.
Lab work progress: Completed
Data analysis: Completed

Peer-reviewed papers
Opitz, S.E.W., Boevé, J-L., Nagy, Z.T., Sonet, G., Koch, F. & Müller, C. 2012. Host Shifts from Lamiales to Brassicaceae in the Sawfly Genus Athalia, , PLoS ONE 7 (4) p.e33649. Open access to the full text (pdf).
Boevé JL, Sonet G, Nagy Z T, Symoens F, Altenhofer E, Häberlein C, Schulz, S, 2009, Defense by volatiles in leaf-mining insect larvae, Journal of Chemical Ecology, 35:507-517

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